Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If everyone likes pink, why not like blue?!

Being a girl is hard. Being a teenage girl is even harder. Trying to navigate how you feel about yourself while listening to what the rest of the world tells you about how to dress, how to look, what to feel and even who to fall in love with. It’s hard to decipher what it is that YOU like when you aren’t even completely sure on who YOU are.
Let me challenge you with something. Ask yourself this serious question; what would happen if you went against the grain? What would happen if you were the trendsetter? Would the world stop spinning? Would you parents disown you and would you friends literally act as though you didn’t exist? I mean really, what would happen if you stepped outside of what is normal?
If everyone likes the color pink why not like the color blue? If everyone likes One Direction why not stick to N*SYNC (honestly I’ll be surprised if people know who they actually are). Be the trendsetter. I want to let you in on a little secret that I didn’t learn until about 4 years ago, and you are lucky because I am letting you in on it now. No one really knows what their doing in life. Every single person is just simply trying to make it. Trying to make a mark on the world so they aren’t forgotten or trying to follow their dreams to the point where they are on top. Everyone is simply trying to do life and not mess it up. But why live life walking on eggshells? Why live life trying not to shake things up? I live with the motto that life is too short to be normal! Follow your dreams and live life with no regrets. Try out that pink highlight in your hair, go volunteer at the homeless shelter or go and watch a movie by yourself!
BE YOU because no one else will!

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