Sunday, March 10, 2013


Twenty twenty vision is said to be perfect. Now I'm no perfect person, but it is easier reasonings behind your life and situations after you have gone through it.
This is my first blog post. I'm a 21 year old girl so 'twenty' seems an appropriate way to label this post and the blog as a whole. I have the best job in the world, working with girls and teenagers to walk alongside of them to help them become who God has created them to be. I have also been exploring my inner female recently. I've been belting out Taylor Swift whenever I'm in the car, I'm into the color pink and I like sparkles and glitter. And I want to tell you that's okay.
I'm 21 years old and there are a bunch of things I want to say to this generation of girls coming up behind me. So this is what this blog is for. Now my vision is twenty twenty because I have looked back, analyzed, cried about, rejoiced in, and lived through the things that go on in our lives today as girls. Now I'm not saying that my generation made this an easy world for you to live in. We have built up self-image, we have caked on make-up, and we have worn a very tight mask around our faces that make it hard for you to get into and see who we really are. For that I want to apologize. But I'm here, writing this blog, as an effort to unveil myself; as an effort to take my mask off and let you see who I am. Not who I am as someone who knows everything...there are people better than me to do that. But I am offering who I am because hindsight really is 20.20.
So will you go on this journey with me? Will you walk with me as I take off my mask with you? Now, it might take some time but I'm promising you that it will happen. I'll share my heartbreak, my joys, my image issues, my pretty days, my ugly days, and my journey to live in the fact that God has made me beautifully and wonderfully. And you know what? He's done the same for you too.

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