Friday, March 15, 2013

Do Over Part 2

Alright Alleigh. You do have best friends. You have best friends that you will still have to this very day; they are keepers. And sure, you think that the ones that you have right now are going to be keepers...but I want to tell you to watch your back. Make sure that you keep what is important at the forefront of your mind. Which will be hard, but you're smart enough to remember that. Remember that it's always better to have a few good friends rather than a bunch of bad friends. Yes, middle school is rough and high school might even be tougher but it'll all seem like the distant past when it's all over. But your friends are what are going to get you through all of the drama. And yes, that's all it is, drama. Give whatever it is 2 whole weeks and I promise you that it will all blow over.
Little things aren't worth fighting over. Just smile and move on. It'll be hard and it'll hurt but I'm telling you that the drama it will cause will not be worth it...again, just give it two weeks. Things move so fast from the ages of twelve to eighteen so take it all in. Around the age of fourteen and fifteen you will feel really alone, that's because you'll move...and yes it's pretty terrible. You'll switch friend groups and you will feel like you have no place at this new, big high school...but just wait and you'll figure it out. Remember that you are smart before you are pretty and you are kind before you are outgoing. You'll find friends that appreciate that about you. It'll be uncomfortable to get to know them, yes, but you guys will find your groove and then you'll be inseparable. Those are the real friend that I'm talking about. Keep in contact with them. They are what will get you through all that drama but the tricky part is that you will have to be there for them as well. You will quickly learn what it means to love someone unconditionally; you will learn what it means to love someone outside of your family. You'll do anything for them and they'll do anything for you and that's the power of friendship.
So don't be afraid to jump on out there and pray for friends. It sounds silly but it's fruitful. God knows how many hairs on are your head, which is a weird fact to know; so don't you think he also cares about your friends and who you will laugh with, cry with, and share the love of the Lord with? I'm telling you this because, hindsight really is twenty twenty.

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